A Kink in the Marriage

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A short lesson on how not to navigate a sexual impasse

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Tom Segura - The Key to Marriage

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A Kink in the Marriage by R.G. Bargy

MacNeil, S. Role of sexual self-disclosure in the sexual satisfaction of long-term heterosexual couples. Journal of Sex Research, 46 1 , 3— Starting with simple cosplay can be stepping stone to something much more elaborate later on. We all have visions of how we want our fantasies to play out and frequently the fear of not executing them perfectly can cause us to freeze up. Or else they worry that they might release a massive fart in the middle of a bondage scene.

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Or any number of inconvenient and embarrassing ways that a scenario could go off-script. So embrace the imperfections.

There is no one way to be kinky. Planning out the scenarios in advance means you have a framework to work from. You can incorporate potential issues — being unsure, being a newbie, feeling weird — into the scene and feel far more authentic and comfortable instead of having to fake something you may or may not have the experience to pull off convincingly.

While there are exceptions, couples are rarely equally kinky at the start.

30 Best Sex Games To Kink Up A Stale Marriage

In most relationships, introducing kink is the result of one partner opening up about his or her desires and their partner giving it a chance. Advice columnist and official NerdLove Celebrity Patronus Dan Savage coined the term GGG as being important for relationships — Good as in good or skilled in bed , Giving of pleasure and Game as in willing to try new things within reason.

A GGG partner is willing to take one for the metaphorical team and try something new — enthusiastically rather than grudgingly. One is a sacrifice on their part, the other is incredibly hurtful way to treat someone you supposedly care about. Some kinks are relatively simple and harmless. And besides: by trying something new and different you may be unlocking a new, wild side of yourself that you never knew existed. Take a chance and discover a new world of sexual excitement and satisfaction.

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