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Does Sleep Hypnosis Work?

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Trusted answers from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Olness, MD. Get Citation Citation. It can even shorten your life expectancy. For some, sleep disorders can make sleep elusive and anxiety-inducing. Find a hypnotherapist to help with sleep disorders. The first type we experience in non-REM sleep. This is when we first fall asleep and gradually fall into deeper and deeper stages of sleep.

During non-REM phases, our bodies have the chance to repair any wear and tear from the day, build muscle and bone strength, and strengthen our immune system. Our brains are most active during this stage and this is when dreaming takes place. Together, these sleep phases help both body and mind calibrate, heal and re-energise, ready for the day ahead. Russell Foster explains why we need sleep in his TED talk. Having the odd restless night is common and tends to rectify itself quickly the following night.

Sleep disorders are ongoing conditions that have lasting effects on sufferers. They will be able to carry out tests to ensure there is no underlying physical condition. They can also help to diagnose if you have a sleep disorder and recommend treatment options. If your sleep disorder has links to anxiety , stress and unhealthy habits, hypnotherapy may be able to help. The aim of hypnotherapy for sleep disorders is to help you uncover the root cause and help you alter your perception of it. Often sleep disorders lead to anxiety in the sufferer, as they fear going to bed and not getting enough sleep.

Hypnotherapy looks to reduce this anxiety and suggest different responses to your subconscious. Your hypnotherapist will do this by helping you enter a state of hypnosis, or deep relaxation , where your subconscious is more open to suggestion. Often, hypnotherapists will teach clients self-hypnosis. Some may also recommend relaxation techniques or even give you CDs to listen to.

Night Terrors

As we work to overcome the related issues and reduce their anxiety, they feel calmer and more relaxed which helps stop the cycle of negative thinking and rumination at bedtime. There are many different types of sleeping disorders which have different sets of symptoms.

Perhaps the most well-known sleep disorder, insomnia is when we have difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep for long enough to feel refreshed the next morning. Often, insomnia can lead sufferers to feel extreme anxiety about getting enough sleep which then makes it even harder for them to sleep. Learn more about insomnia and how hypnotherapy can help on our dedicated insomnia page.

There can be many reasons for someone having nightmares, such as medication side-effects, and for some, it becomes a condition called nightmare disorder. Nightmare disorder is diagnosed when someone consistently wakes in their sleep because of nightmares. They tend to wake feeling very alert and may struggle to get back to sleep because of the stress caused.

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Not to be confused with nightmares, night terrors will cause an individual to wake suddenly from sleep in a panic-stricken state. Often they will have no recollection of the event the next morning. This is a neurological condition that causes unpleasant sensations in the legs which can only be relieved with movement. This can understandably have an effect on sleep, making sufferers feel exhausted and anxious about getting enough sleep.

The person will likely have their eyes open at the time and may appear clumsy and confused. More common in children and teenagers, sleepwalking can occur in adults too. Certain conditions, such as panic attacks, can increase the risk of sleepwalking. Also known as bruxism, involuntary teeth grinding or jaw clenching can lead to dental damage and headaches.