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He used the story as he received it in order to teach the ways of God with men.

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He would not have been led to use a story that was not rooted in the actual history of man. On the other hand, the original story could have gained accretions in its transmissions.

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Not wishing to incur the wrath of conservatives within the denomination, Francisco appealed that he found no theological problems with a figurative reading of the Genesis narrative. He emphasized that such texts should be understood more as literary poetry than prose. Clifton J. Allen Nashville: Broadman Press, , General Articles; Genesis-Exodus, ed. Towers is a quarterly news publication of Southern Seminary covering current events and news as well as book reviews, timely interviews and more.

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Admissions Academics Students Alumni Give. Apply to Southern Seminary Visit the Campus. Tweet Share. Davies even raised ethical objections against a global flood: Is God such a being that he would destroy the first mankind and so bring his first experiment with man to an untimely end? Francisco employed a distinctly higher-critical hermeneutic in his exegesis of Genesis 6: It is apparent that God did not tell the Hebrews the story of the flood that they might write it down.

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That was too much for fundamentalists, who called for Elliott to be fired and for Broadman Press a subsidiary of what was then called the Sunday School Board to withdraw the book. Volume 1 included introductory articles and commentaries on Genesis and Exodus.

The section on Genesis was written by English Baptist G. Henton Davies, who also employed methods of critique and analysis that were widely accepted among biblical scholars, including the very defensible hypothesis that multiple sources lay behind the development of Genesis and many other biblical books.

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  5. While that was enough to generate controversy among those who held to the conviction that Moses wrote the entire Pentateuch, Davies also questioned whether God really told Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. Davies could not imagine that God would ever do such a thing, and argued that Abraham, deep in his psyche, must have convinced himself that God expected such a sacrifice.

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    Tony W. Cartledge is contributing editor of Baptists Today, in addition to teaching Old Testament studies and various ministry courses at Campbell University Divinity School. He formerly served as editor of the Biblical Recorder, newspaper of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, and as a pastor for 26 years. I was director of public relations for the Sunday School Board during both of these controversies.

    We were in a no-win position. Exactly — and it was certainly an all around loss for the Baptist witness. Thanks for your service, Gomer.