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[Growtopia] Topia War (TEASER TRAILER)

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Team Santa Inc. C Bulb Light Strings. C Bulb Raw Materials. Twinkling Lights. Wedding Lights. The Journal from which the following excerpts were extracted were written in all manner of fluids, as Olmes was not allowed a proper writing utensil. He scrawled his accounts on the walls in blood, urine, feces, and even insect remains. Considering what eventually transpired in New Victoria, some view Olme's words as prophecies.

Others believe they are the ramblings of a terribly sick mind. The following was scrawled into a diary found in a house located in New Hollow - one of the towns permanently quarantined since the closure of the Great Darkness of Often simply known as "weird towns," these places are cordoned off from the public due to their "dangerous conditions.

After being closed in , New Hollow was the subject of many such rumors. Some stated that time worked differently in the city, while others claimed consciousness interacted with the town in some bizarre way.

Topia (Day Soldiers, #3) by Brandon Hale

In , a group of brave or stupid urban explorers trespassed the city's borders. Exploring various places, the adventurers found a strange diary in one of the many houses in the city. While the house seemed to be the same one described in the diary, the small book was found in a child's bedroom full of toys, old clothing, and a small library of children's books. Curiously, all the books were face out except one - "The Hag in the Hut" - which, when flipped over, revealed a haggard looking witch on its cover.

344- The Known Unknown

Additionally, and to the explorers' chagrin, they also reportedly found a pile of human bones living beneath the room's bed. After missing for a week, only 2 of the 5 trespassers came back from the town. Authorities took the individuals into custody, and the diary the individuals brought back with them was eventually given to researchers at Mistoric university, as few artifacts from the quarantined zones are available for research.

As for the remaining explorers, it was never discovered, or at least revealed, what became of them. As many people know, the City of Wrotha was discovered in by a farmer in Greenland. However, after a lengthy legal battle regarding the ownership of the ruins, the ancient city eventually came under the ownership of the Government of Denmark. However, in late January of the impossible happened: the half mile long city disappeared, along with the research team that was in it.

Upon investigation of the site, the journal of a one Dr. Timothy Fisker, the lead archeologist of the research team, was found buried near the site. The following is the content of that journal. A letter by the notorious "Winter Man" serial killer, a murderer widely known to be part of a new categorization of psychopath referred to as "Neo-Psychotics.

The following letters were written by Dr. Theodore Hightower, a professor of mythological studies and the occult at the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania. Winter Warriors: 10th Mountain Division. Log in or register to post comments. Add comment Log in or register to post comments. Lake Tahoe Webcams. Commons Beach Cam. Tahoe City Cobblestone Webcam.

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