Dominant Displays: The Collection

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Depicting the period of Polish Monarchy, from the origins of the country to the last king Stanislaw Poniatowski are illustrated with the medieval period drawing the largest number of questions. Knights and fair ladies are a significant part of Polish history, and the story […]. Performance Hall Scene of the Chopin Concert Series and various lecture series, the hall is decorated with many original oil and other art masterpieces.

Collection Highlights from the Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Mumbai City Museum

The furnishings reflect the elegance of a bygone age and lends a contemplative ambiance to any performance. Museum Entrance The museum itself is on the historic register. The classic brick and mortar construction and seemingly simple design masks a much larger than expected interior and period elegance. Folk Art Gallery The museum takes a special delight in the depth and breadth of the folk art displayed. There are exhibits detailing the many regional costumes, architecture, crafts, wood working and paper design.

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A Nature Research Journal. The discovery of the twisted nematic effect allowed liquid crystal displays to become a practical and ubiquitous technology. Martin Schadt recounts how it came about. Correspondence to Martin Schadt.

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