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The Santini Brothers are a hilarious band of sexy military men and watching them be brought to their knees by a woman is exhilarating. May 07, Sabine Honig rated it really liked it.


I was provided with the ARC of Marco for a frank and honest review. Stories with military men are a fave of mine and Marco as book number two continues a hot new series by Melissa Schroeder, The Santinis. The Santinis details the love lives of the four Santini brothers, who are all military men, super sexy gorgeous hunks and also fantastic men to have on your side as friends and also as family. This is not just a military story. First and foremost these are romances and it just so happens that t I was provided with the ARC of Marco for a frank and honest review.

First and foremost these are romances and it just so happens that the heroes are military men and brothers! These brothers have been through a lot courtesy of their chosen careers and trying to gain the love of their women they go through a whole lot more.

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Being men, sometimes they do the stupid things men do and as a reader you just cannot help but shake your head and wish that you could reach through the pages, give them a slap and wake them up. Thankfully these Santinis are a clan that sticks together. Add Mama Santini who helps to lead and control this brood of men and they get a lot of help and direction, some wanted and some not appreciated but given with love nonetheless.

It is no different in Marco. Marco is so different to his brother Leonardo, as chalk is to cheese. There are of course numerous phone calls and personal visits that help to keep him connected to his family. He is renting his home from Alana Kailikea, who it turns out has been through tragedy early in life and despite this she has come through this with a desire to help others. He has heard her talk about her family, but in the time that he has been renting the cottage from her, he has never seen them. Alana is quite a private person and she keeps a distance from Marco and she has one friend who knows her warts and all.

Colin has known her since childhood and these two lean on each other through the good times and bad. Colin has his own relationship issues to deal with, but he is always there for Alana and she for him. He sort of provides another male for Marco to be a bit jealous of and help him stick his foot in it. The repartee between the brothers is great. They interact on such a level that the reader can just feel their connection and see how well they understand each other and know what annoys and sets the others off.

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I love Gianni, Gee. I am going to love reading about him! Marco refrained from telling his brothers about his beautiful landlady and when they visit they just cannot help but tease him and really push his buttons. Their visit is the catalyst that makes Marco start to try to get to know Alana much better than he knows her at present. That however, proves to be more difficult than he imagined. Alana is a bit shut off and to get anything out of her is like getting blood from a stone.

It proves a bit difficult to start a relationship, much less build a strong foundation and Marco resorts to the internet to find out more about his landlady. What he finds goes in part to explaining who Alana is but I can understand that for Marco he wants the information to come from her. I liked Alana and I liked Marco but there seemed to be a bit of fire and spice missing from this relationship. Marco and Alana finally do come together but she still holds back and all he can do is strategically withdraw himself and hope that Alana realizes that she needs to open up and stop hiding from him for the relationship to progress.

She holds back from him and then accuses him of holding back from her.

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What she was accusing Marco of hiding from her, she could just have asked him and I am sure that he would have told her. Their sexual encounters are hot and sexy but I really felt that there was a lack of emotional connectivity between the two. Will Mama Santini have to get involved again? Dec 30, Teresa rated it it was ok Shelves: I'll leave this one as a 2. The cover is even worse than the previous one this faceless torso has weird tits!

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The story is very similar: short, rather uncomplicated and with minimal drama, but it just too feels too rushed at the end to make it to a 3 score. Still, a few entertaining hours. Mar 07, M. Romantic and a good afternoon get away. Some of the dialogue I could do without,but all in all Kiana and Marco were cute. When his brothers come for a visit, he forced by their flirting to admit Slick's review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews Review copy provided for an honest review. I think part of that comes from both Marco and Alana being very private and quiet people.

Alana has been hurt in the past so she keeps herself closed off to prevent it from happening again. While we do find out some about both of them, I still wonder about them both. Despite this or maybe because of it, they work well together. He staked his claim and went in full throttle just like I would expect a man like him to do. Alana was a little harder to read but through her best friend, Colin, we gain some insight into her character. I flat out loved having all the Santini men together even for a short time.

It was fun to see their different personalities come in to play and how alike they can be. I also have to say that Mama Santini cracks me up and I love the way she keeps her boys in line and immediately wins over the women in their lives. You have to admire her for raising kind and decent men and the fact that they still fear her wrath! Although I had a hard time connecting to the two main characters, I still really enjoyed Marco.

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The fact that the plot was engaging and that the other characters in the book were intriguing made this a fun story to read. Mar 18, Sheri added it. I related to him. Alana is strong, beautiful and curvy, a great heroine in my book. I love curvy heroines that are full of life and attitude. There are few scenes where all four Santinis are together, and the testosterone overload almost melted me. I love these brothers, and each and every one of them intrigues me. The way Ms. Schroeder tells a story in so few words but still manages to engage me with her characters, speaks volumes to her skill.

I recommend Marco as strongly and as highly as I recommended Leonardo. So go ahead and judge a book by its cover. This particular story lives up to the hot cover that represents it. Mar 18, Wendy Jackson rated it really liked it. The Santini's-Marco.

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Alana Kailikea Is not what you expect when you hear the term "landlady", she's young, beautiful, and rich due to tragic circumstances, beyond her control. Alana tries to do good things with the wealth she has, but has been hurt by men with other motives.

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In this book we get to meet ALL of the Santini brothers. I really enjoyed their interactions with each other and Alana. Marco's brothers flirt with her mercifully, which actually prompts Marco to finally go after what he wants. This is a novella and quick read. There are some hot scene's but come on, we are talking about Melissa Schroeder. Does she ever not write a hot scene. Their "conflict" seemed to be rushed and glossed over. I just wished there had been a little more. Looking forward to the next installment. Apr 12, Kristina rated it it was amazing Shelves: arc-egalley-for-review. Melissa Schroeder is such a talented writer and she can create the most amazing characters with wonderful connections. Marco is book two in the Santini novella series.

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I am a huge fan of these brothers, and so far, Marco is my favorite one! Marco is the quiet brother. Where his brothers are loud, he is more reserved. He has a crush on his landlady Alana, but would never say anything to h 4. He has a crush on his landlady Alana, but would never say anything to her about it.

It isn't until his three brothers come for a visit, that he finally gets up the nerve to ask her out, but only after he already embarrassed himself in front of her! Alana is 25 years old and lost her family 7 years earlier in a car accident. She is a private person whose been hurt, but she has a huge likable quality. I really loved the two of them together.

They had a little bit of a rocky start, but I was rooting for them from the beginning. I also loved getting to know the brothers a little bit more. We already met Leonardo and Vicente in the first book, but in Marco we also got to meet Gianni, the baby in the family. I am very excited to read Gee's story, which is the next one to be released!