Spooks the Unofficial History of MI5: From the First Atom Spy to 7/7, 1945-2009

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The History of Secret Intelligence Service (MI6)

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Despite an outstanding war record against German espionage, MI5 failed to prevent Soviet agents like Anthony Blunt penetrating the heart of the British establishment, including MI5 itself. The authors look in detail at MI5's role in the post-Cold War world; in particular, they consider its changing role as it took on the main responsibility in countering terrorist threats to Britain.

Controversy has never been far away during MI5's battle against the IRA, which included sending deep penetration agents into the heart of Northern Ireland's terrorist organisations.

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All works printed in Europe before , regardless of language, fall within the scope of the project, together with all pre works in European languages printed further afield. The Nencini Aldine Collection.

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More than 1, editions printed by the Aldine Press, founded by Aldo Manuzio the Elder also known as Aldus Manutius in Venice in , and continued by his wife, son and grandson until the s. The Aldine Press was one of the most historically significant institutions in the early history of printed books, with numerous innovations including the first use of italic type and the adoption of the smaller, more portable, octavo paper size.

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A collection of more than 80 sixteenth- and seventeenth-century volumes which have been identified for the importance of the postillati, or marginal annotations. Researchers will be able to read marginal notes written by Galileo Galilei on his own personal copies of works by Euclid, Petrarch, Ariosto, Tasso and Horace.

Other notable authors include Michelangelo Buonarroti the Younger nephew of Michelangelo the painter and sculptor , the playwright Lodovico Castelvetro and the poet Alessandro Tassoni. Incunabula: almost 1, volumes, including rare first editions of the works of Dante, Petrarch and Boccaccio, and volumes by the controversial preacher Girolamo Savonarola Sacred Representations.

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  • Spooks the Unofficial History of MI5: From the First Atom Spy to 7/7, 1945-2009!
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  • Over sixteenth- and seventeenth-century editions of sacre rappresentazioni, popular verse plays depicting Biblical scenes, episodes from the lives of the saints and Christian legends, which were originally performed in Florence and elsewhere in Tuscany and are considered by scholars to form the foundations of Italian theatre. Collection of international historical humanities and social science journals. Importantly it includes The Spectator The Spectator is an important British weekly magazine which is generally considered to be a right-of-centre and conservative magazine.

    It focuses largely on political and cultural aspects.


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    The Financial Times Historical Archive provides an online, fully-searchable facsimile run of the London edition of the FT, from its first issue in to the end of Each item in this complete collection is categorized by both subject and topic, with every individual article, advertisement and market listing included and searchable for retrieval individually and in the context of the full page and issue of the day. The latest update to Mass Observation Online will see a further , pages added to the resource, bringing the total to around half a million pages of unique material for the study of Britain, All material for this section has been digitised in colour.

    The original mission of the FBIS was to monitor, record, transcribe, and translate intercepted radio broadcasts from foreign governments, official news services, and clandestine broadcasts from occupied territories.

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    • FBIS Daily Reports, — constitutes a unique archive of transcripts of foreign broadcasts and news that provides insight into the second half of the 20th century; many of these materials are firsthand reports of events as they occurred. FBIS Daily Reports, — consist of translated broadcasts, news agency transmissions, newspapers, periodicals, and government statements from nations around the globe.

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      These media sources were monitored in their languages of origin, translated into English, and issued by an agency of the US government. This FBIS collection complements those for other areas, e. Perdita provides access to the manuscripts of early modern women writers, from diaries to works of drama, and from widely scattered locations.

      Detailed catalogue descriptions are linked with complete digital facsimiles of the original MSS, providing a wide variety of search and browsing options. This important online collection provides more than 30 fully searchable Latin American newspapers published in the 19th and 20th centuries. Featuring titles from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela and elsewhere, the collection offers unprecedented coverage of the people, issues and events that shaped the region between and Through eyewitness reporting, editorials, legislative information, letters, poetry, advertisements, matrimony notices and obituaries, this unique collection chronicles the evolution of Latin American culture and daily life over two centuries.

      The following table records changes to the threat levels since August [12]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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      UK Threat Levels. BBC News. Retrieved 22 September Retrieved 15 September The Guardian. Retrieved 23 May Retrieved 20 December United Kingdom Home Office.