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Rosenthal stares out his window at the two turtledoves flirting in the bright sunshine, he cannot help wonder if spring fever is a physiological response to the increased intensity and duration of vernal sunlight as measured by the brain. Rosenthal has spent a lot of time studying that odd disease known as spring fever. And what he has learned so far probably will not come as a surprise.

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Spring fever really does exist. Each year at this time, millions of people across the upper half of the Northern Hemisphere begin to feel more energized, upbeat and sexually active, if somewhat distracted. Rosenthal, who admitted to having a touch of the fever himself.

Spring Fevers

But we are only now beginning to understand why that is. To know how spring fever works, it is first necessary to determine what it is, which is no easy feat. The Third College Edition of Webster's New World Dictionary, for example, offers this ambiguous definition: ''The laziness or restlessness that many people feel during the first warm, sunny days of spring.

Even that most traditional of definitions - a time when the sap rises in maples and young men - does not necessarily hold up.

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  7. Studies have shown conclusively that levels of testosterone, the male sex hormone, are higher in the fall. One way to think of it, Dr. Terman said, is as the beginning of the end of the ''winter blues'' that many people experience to some degree. Most researchers seem to agree, if only by default, that spring fever may best be characterized as a combination of conflicting emotions, including a sense of comfort, warmth and renewal, amiability and lack of ambition.

    Terman said. The intuitive explanation for this phenomenon is that humans instinctively react to seasonal changes, just as some animals hibernate in winter, Dr. Rosenthal said. But while this reaction was once thought to be psychological, Dr. Rosenthal said there is increasing evidence that it is actually physiological; the change in seasons prompts a readjustment in the body's internal chemistry.

    Exactly how the body is affected is still unclear, but one popular theory is that the increasing intensity and longevity of sunlight in spring is somehow measured by the brain, probably through the eyes. This information is then transmitted to the pineal gland in the base of the cerebrum, which responds by reducing its secretion of melatonin, a hormone that influences mood and energy levels.

    Everyone seems to have some sensitivity to seasonal changes in sunlight, but in varying degrees, Dr. A recent survey conducted by his institute indicated that at least 50 percent of the people who live in the northern latitudes of the United States experience a noticeable seasonal change in their moods, Dr. And about 5 percent are bothered so severely by the winter blues that they can be clinically diagnosed as suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder. We're never really trying to compete with each other, only ourselves, our own insecurities.

    Supinger's "The Pit" handily sets the stage for a medieval-dystopian series also with elements from the rape revenge genre , and "Only by Moonlight" also by A. Supinger sees a distraught young woman entreating the magical Stone House Lady for an abortion again the product of a rape.

    Rape isn't as common a theme in Spring Fevers as my review might lead you to believe; and thankfully, it's always alluded to, never described in detail. Last but not least, Supinger's "The Tree of Life" is a rather beautiful and melancholy tale about a phantom spirit who's trapped in this realm to assist The Tree of Life in bringing forth new creatures. Long since tired of his role and yearning for release, he finds a renewed sense of purpose in the ethereal beings who emerge from the Tree's delicate white eggs.

    Spring Fevers is a fairly solid collection, with contributions ranging from fair to outstanding. The only piece I didn't much care for was "Step Zero," in which some jerk cheats on his wife with his secretary! There is also some rapey stuff in "Dreams" that I could have done without; namely, the narrator talks about wanting to grope read: sexually assault an unconscious woman who's passed out on his couch.

    To be fair, perhaps we're supposed to read this character as a douchenozzle, but I didn't get that impression from the rest of the otherwise humorous story. Mar 13, Jean Oram rated it really liked it Shelves: commercial-fiction. The short stories in this collection were solid 4s and 5s. I normally don't read short stories, but I picked this one up as quite a few of my friends are in it.

    6 Spring Fever Symptoms To Watch Out For Now That Winter Is Finally Gone For Good

    And sure, that could taint my rating, but I don't think it has. Their skill and stories surprised me and some of them really stood out and won't soon be forgotten. Lea Lopez's story about connecting with someone romantically. It reminded me a lot in the feel and tone to Jennifer Weiner's stories one of my favourite authors. I The short stories in this collection were solid 4s and 5s. It made me wish there was a whole novel of this character so I could follow her longer.

    Matt Sinclair's story about cheating was an interesting one as I wasn't sure which character to believe until the end. I liked that. Cat Wood's story about love in an elderly couple made me cry. It's sweet to see people still so in love when they are in their 80s. As you can tell, they felt real to me! Supinger's story about the pit broke my heart. Just when I was about to skim she the author grabbed me about the throat and shook me to my core. I loooove a story like that. Horrified shock--but in a good way.

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    6. Well, not 'good' for the characters A good read. Mellette's story was intellectual and a bit philosophical about a boy coming of age. Mindy McGinnis' story had me guessing and doubting until the end. Do you believe a child protagonist? MarcyKate Connolly's story about meeting on a subway and making that connection with an unexpected stranger was sweet.

      I found myself wanting the character to get her wish. Robb Grindstaff's story made me laugh at the differences between men and women.

      phosfato.qa.digitalhub.com.br/134.php He illustrates that point quite nicely. Yvonne Osbourne's story about a romance starting during the war felt very real and the situation that arises is something I've wondered about myself. I liked the way she portrayed it. Eries story about married couples, betrayal, brothers, and friends wove a nice tight circle.

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      The emotion built and waned in all the right places. The stories in this anthology run you through the whole gambit of emotions and cover all kinds of relationships. Strange as it may be to say, I learned about writing short stories by reading this anthology. Some of these stories felt like gratifying snippets from a larger story while others had a perfect arc in their few thousand words. Not an easy task to accomplish! A great read--and it's free on Smashwords! And for those who prefer paper--I hear a paperback edition is coming out too. View 2 comments. Mar 12, Jemi Fraser rated it it was amazing.

      I really enjoyed reading every story in this anthology! From joyful to shocking, from thought provoking to gasp aloud, these stories were stand outs! Loved it :.

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      Jan 05, Pili rated it really liked it. A fantastic collection of short stories! Mar 02, Katerina rated it it was amazing. This is a great collection of short stories that left you wanting more each time one finished. Its got intrigue, happiness, humor, sadness, and witty sarcasm. I liked each individual story and got a feel for the different writing styles of each author. Where some stories were light hearted, others were deep.

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      I'd recommend this to anyone who wants a short read on a busy day. Noemi rated it it was amazing May 26, Kim rated it liked it Aug 09, Steven Boyd rated it it was amazing Oct 29, Trevor Bertrand rated it it was amazing Sep 15, Mellette rated it it was amazing Jun 18, Yvonne Osborne rated it really liked it Feb 28, Amanda rated it liked it Jul 23, Brooke-Lynn Orage rated it it was amazing Oct 07, Shelves: published.

      Feb 28, A. Ruth Casey May rated it it was amazing Oct 28, Vivek rated it it was amazing Mar 10, Jacinto Bowks rated it liked it Feb 03, Feb 28, S. Abby Self rated it liked it May 15, Jolie rated it liked it Jul 16, Rebecca rated it it was amazing May 01, Loveless rated it really liked it Sep 08,

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