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Acts Just as we […]. On one hand it seems kind of foolish, praying the words God wrote back to Him.


Are we so dull that […]. When I first started out with the Tabernacle prayer, I stumbled over praying through something in the Old Testament. I started praying the Tabernacle or Temple Prayer in Enter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. RSS - Posts. Featured Articles.

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Washing at the Laver The Laver, second station in the Temple, was used by the priests of old for ceremonial washing before entering the Holy Place. Why Pray the Word? Follow this organizer to stay informed on future events. Event creator. Events you might like:.

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Tabernacle – Prayer Pattern Part 1

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The Tabernacle Prayer - Faith Promise Church

Sign Up. Already have an account? Our Heavenly Father knows we have need of "all these things" Matthew , and He alone is the One who can supply them Philippians The Table of Showbread speaks of the desire and ability of our Heavenly Father to supply all of our needs according to His purpose. Matthew tells us; Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.

How to Use the Tabernacle as a Model for Prayer

Exodus describes the Lamp stand The Menorah. The second piece of furniture within the Tabernacle itself was the Golden Candlestick.

Altar of Incense

As seen in Revelation 2 and 3, the Candlestick speaks of churches and ministries. Therefore, this is where we can pray for ministry: ministries we are directly part of, ministries we are familiar with, ministries we read about, or even ministries different from our background, or preference. We can pray for churches and pastors by name. We pray for foreign missions and for other organizations that preach Jesus. When David was fighting against the Amalekites after the Ziklag attack, two hundred of his men couldn't go to the front lines. Instead, they stayed behind and guarded the supplies.

When David and his men returned victorious, those who went with David into battle said, "We'll split the spoils only between us. This means that when you pray for other ministries, by keeping the "supply lines" open, you participate in that ministry and will share in its reward when you stand before the Lord. In other words, the reason Israel was initially created was to show the whole world how to know God and how to walk with Him.

So too, as believers, it is our privilege and responsibility to pray for ministries that shed light on what it means to know God and to walk with Him. If you're looking for rewards, if you want to hear God say, "Well done," I encourage you to spend time at the Golden Candlestick. Pray for the lights of the world - not just the one you're involved in, not just those of your flavor, but for all kinds of ministries. And you will find yourself being enlightened and ignited in a new way in your love for all of His family, the entire Church in totality. Exodus describes the Altar of Incense. The third object inside the Tabernacle was the Altar of Incense.

This is where we can intercede, or pray, for people. Pray for your family, your friends, your neighbors, your brothers and sisters in Christ - and for your enemies Matthew How do you want people to pray for you? Do you want them to pray, "Lord, humble him today. Break him that he might see how wrong he is"? When people pray for me, I want them to say, "Lord, be merciful to Harry.


Be gracious. Be kind. He's a little slow. However, if you change your mind, God will change your heart. How do you change your mind? Therefore, I choose to do that right now. Bless him. Encourage her. Amaze them with Your grace today.

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And, sure enough, as I spend time at the Altar of Incense, as I change my mind and pray for my enemies, God is faithful to change my own heart every time. Inside the Holy of Holies was the Ark of the Covenant - a two foot by three foot box covered by the mercy seat, over which the Shekinah glory of God rested. Only the high priest, only on the Day of Atonement, could enter the Holy of Holies. Yom Kippur , a fast day on which no work was done, observed in Israel ten days after the fall new year Lev.

An offering of incense was made by the high priest in the innermost chamber of the Temple, the Holy of Holies, the only time in the year he entered there. But when Jesus cried, "It is finished! It was as if God declared, "Open House! Therefore, because of the finished work of the cross, even I, sinful man that. I am, can experience the glory, the intimacy , the presence of God.

Singing, shouting, and silence; bowing before Him and standing in awe of Him are among the expressions God has ordered. Worship isn't about what I like. Worship is about what God desires. I bow my knees in adoration of You.

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I lift my hands, sometimes bow my knees, sometimes lie prostrate on the floor. Sometimes I'll just sit quietly.