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All rights reserved. User Tag List Page 1 of 18 1 2 3 The short answer is "no". There is no rule against you wearing the tartan of a family whose blood runs in your veins, regardless of whether you carry the surname or not. There are some people and thankfully they are few and far between who insist that one is only entitled to wear the tartan for a clan whose name they carry, but this view is historically incorrect and is nothing more than a lame attempt at snobbery and elitism.

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It's generally considered good form to wear only one clan tartan such as they do in Scotland that you are connected to most strongly. But still, there's no rule against it. Tobus, I think that's a bit strong me ol' mate.

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I think it is less elitism and snobbery and more personal choice. As one who wears a number of different tartans, some of which I have no connection to, I wear what I like but I don't decry those who choose not to go with this and only wear a single tartan. If an individual is only comfortable in the one sett they have as much right as any to wear only that. It's a choice.

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Why wear something that makes you feel uncomfortable? To find out whether your surname or clan has a tartan associated with it, visit the website of the Scottish Register of Tartans.

You can also use the A-Z guide to browse the tartans. MORE: When is tartan day?

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The Scottish Register of Tartans also registers new tartans , including those created for individuals, schools, groups and other organisations. This tartan can be worn by anyone and it is also the personal tartan of the current queen. Sign-up for our newsletter today to receive the latest updates, content and releases from Scottish Rugby. Read more information about browsers and how to upgrade yours.

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