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I'm just so grateful to him. It really made the whole process go so much more easily. What impressed me the most was how quickly, it was like a whole team came in and disassembled everything and then built it right back up in the next place. Golden Years.

We help you transition Finding a home with proper care for your loved ones requires extra special consideration. He wrote:. They baptized eighteen people, reactivated a large number in two wards, traveled many miles per month, contributed to the local newspaper, gave meaningful community service, motivated the Scouting program, strengthened the ward leadership, fellowshipped and friendshipped, and provided great public relations for the Church in the community.

Where could the Smiths have spent a more productive, profitable time or experienced more fulfilling service? That is not true.

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Again and again, we see couples come to the Missionary Training Center without prior knowledge of a language and leave two months later able to communicate. Of course their skills increase as they love and serve in the mission field. Even when a new language is difficult, older couples perform a unique service in the missions simply by being there. Their experience, example, and faith serve as tremendous resources in building inexperienced members of the Church.

Golden Years

They are absolutely indispensable to the growth of the kingdom across the world. I remember meeting a wonderful couple who were missionaries among the Southeast Asians of the California Oakland Mission. As I saw the bonding between the missionaries and these delightful new Latter-day Saints, I asked the sister missionary whether she could speak their language. She responded that she could not. I then asked her how they communicated with the members. I have rejoiced in the rich experiences of the past fourteen years, but I look forward to the challenges of the golden years ahead.

I look forward to new experiences, new adventures, new horizons, new worlds to conquer. I look forward to new opportunities to grow physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. I pray that my life, from this day forth, will testify that I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God! I conclude my public ministry by paraphrasing the words I spoke in , words that have even deeper meaning for me after that choice experience. See Ensign, May , p. And I am so grateful for the holy calling which I have enjoyed. I rejoice in the opportunity that has been mine of consecrating my entire life to his service.

Every blessing I have in my life, everything I hold dear and precious in my heart, I can trace to my membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, to my love of the Lord, to my testimony of his divine gospel, and to the responses I have made to the opportunities for service. My beloved Brethren, my dear wife and I are still prepared to go wherever you want to send us and to do whatever you ask of us, and pray only that we might be instruments in the hands of the Lord to assist you in your awesome assignment to build the kingdom of God, to sanctify his people, and to prepare the way for Christ to come in his glory when every knee will bow and every tongue confess that he is the Savior of the world, which I testify in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

See Conference Report, Apr. This Page MP3. That leads to another question: Why do some people remain open to new experiences as they age, while others become more set in their ways? Psychologists may have an answer. In the eighth stage, which begins around the age of 65, the conflict is about ego integrity versus despair.

According to Erikson, ego integrity versus despair is a conflict that can be resolved by reflecting on your life and taking stock of your accomplishments and failures:. Part of aging gracefully may involve achieving the ego integrity stage. We can adapt to change more easily.

Studies have found that seniors with positive attitudes toward aging experience less cognitive decline. But if physical or psychological problems are influencing the way you feel about growing older, talk to your doctor, therapist, or someone else you trust. As more and more Americans enter their senior years, more help is becoming available. For example, by age 60, most women have completed menopause.

Growing Physically

A combination of lifestyle, genetics, and just plain luck influences how old a person appears to be. Simply put, we all age differently. Those birthdays are going to happen every year, no matter what we do. But some people do seem to look younger than others of the same age. As a result, many people are upset when they start to see signs of growing older especially if they still feel young.

Our society tends to view signs of aging as something to hide instead of celebrate.

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Instead, to age gracefully means to pay attention to what makes you feel best. So check out these four commonly asked questions about the outward signs of aging and learn what you should consider:.

Does that proverb make you laugh? For some people, gray hair represents wisdom and maturity. Gray hair can even be a source of controversy. Just consider the press coverage that resulted when the Duchess of Cambridge was photographed with gray roots. But a growing number of people now embrace silver or gray hair. In fact, even some younger people are opting to dye their hair those colors: The gray hair trend was one of the biggest beauty-related news stories of Should you color over graying hair?

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This is a complicated question for many seniors. But the natural process of hair turning gray is actually quite simple: The follicle at the root of each hair strand contains pigment cells with a substance called melanin that determines the color of that strand. As we age, these pigment cells gradually die off, so new hair strands become more transparent. The result? Gray, silver, or white hair. Rather, each hair follicle determines the color of a strand from its very beginning.

So if a strand starts out blond, it will stay blond unless you dye it. Genetics play the biggest role in determining when we start to go gray. And medical conditions, such as thyroid problems, can cause premature graying. Some evidence also points to poor nutrition and environmental exposure to certain toxins as factors. But one thing is clear: Gray hair is a normal part of aging, and it is difficult to avoid. As British humor writer P. It was invented by a Frenchman.

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