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The Holy Spirit is going to show up. He always does. Among the relics, Father Martins said the most venerated and interesting relics are those of St.

Sacred Relics Of The Saints: Treasures Of The Church - St. Mary, Dover - Dover, NJ

Bernadette of Lourdes, a piece of a veil believed to have belonged to the Blessed Mother and one of the largest remaining pieces of the cross on which Christ was crucified. After the discovery, Father Martins said the Church hired an atheist forensic scientist to investigate the finding. He also found evidence of fresh blood on her liver. His conclusion was that science had no explanation. Pointing to the remnant of the veil of the Blessed Mother, he told the faithful that the relic was not first class because her body was raised to heaven. His ministry obtained the remnant to allow worldwide veneration.

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As for the fragment of wood from the cross of Christ, Father Martins said the piece is believed to be part of the cross discovered by St. Helen in the Holy Land. Toggle navigation Main Navigation Menu. Photos by Sue Braff. The first roadblock he requested the audience to remove was the refusal to attend Sunday Mass. She was clever. Maria Oliveira takes a closer look at one of the relics. Mark Marino grasps the reliquary case containing a relic.

Joseph Lloyd venerates a relic to receive spiritual grace. His daily talk radio show is heard by over half a million listeners and is syndicated on stations nationwide. Average Rating: 4.

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Preview Your browser does not support the audio element. Add To Cart. A remarkable teaching. I will share this with many people… so full of answers!

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Lydia — Windham, NH. Why Be Catholic? This CD was awesome - I'll be listening again and again! It gave logical, biblical reasons to be and stay Catholic. Peggy - Finksburg, MD. This is absolutely the one CD everyone should start with I will order many and give them to family and friends. This talk can change many hearts. Mickey, PA. Deacon Alex Jones. One day we are all going to face suffering in one form or another.

To have this spiritual knowledge will make that journey endurable. Jay - Cincinnati, OH. Casey explained some of the concepts I never understood before. I listened a number of times to this CD while on a trip.

Jane - Apache Junction, AZ. William Casey C. This CD helped me understand why converts are such good Catholics! Howard - Montgomery, AL.

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Life-Changing Stories of the Eucharist Life-Changing Stories of the Eucharist In this talk, Jesse Romero shares numerous encounters of the stunning power of Christ's presence in the Eucharist in his own life and in the lives of others, and a convincing presentation of history and theology as witnesses to this most incredible mystery and gift!

A definite "must listen" for anyone involved in Youth Ministry.

http://nttsystem.xsrv.jp/libraries/88/binux-handyueberwachen.php It renewed my faith in the power of Eucharistic Adoration to transform lives. Cynthia - Carleton Place, ON.

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Customer Comments WOW!!! The whole talk was awesome - from Allen Hunt's conversion on. Expressing the fact that anywhere we travel, the Mass is The Mass. I want to order more of this CD and pass them to others. The answer is and will always be the Eucharist.

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Witnessing the call back to Christ and the only one Church was heart-warming and inspiring. Stephanie - Phoenix, AZ This was a great conversion story. As Allen Hunt points out - "If it was just an image, why would people have left? His description of Catholicism as an old house was perfect. He gave stunning statistics on ex Catholics. Karly - Ocean springs, MS The more I hear of why people came to Catholic faith the more I can help other people come home Lima, OH It is a beautiful story that draws you in and focuses on what I consider to be one of the greatest gifts given to Catholics by Jesus Christ, the Eucharist.

It reminds us not to worry, Gods got our backs every step of the way.